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MooD drives Innovation in IT Service Management for Hewlett Packard and BP

As part of the rebid process, HP needed to show innovation, world class reporting and analytical abilities and selected MooD software. The deployment of an HP/BP Executive Dashboard, enables the HP BP Account Team to drive a joined up and streamlined approach to its delivery and on-going transformation of the BP IT environment.

HP with MooD International

The oil and gas industry provides the world’s 6.9 billion people with 60% of their daily energy needs. This represents global commerce on a massive scale which requires significant support in all areas, not least in ICT and Data Management. HP provide a significant proportion of this capability and therefore have a regular need to report on and analyse their data landscape and performance, ensuring they are not only providing excellent value for their client, but that the information they report on is accurate, coherent and presented in an easily consumed manner. MooD International have been working in close partnership with HP for many years to provide a professional, coherent and market leading offering in the HP Information Assurance (IA) Platform. This platform is flexible enough to absorb the particular challenges presented by a unique account with a demanding customer, cementing the trust that BP places in its trusted IT solutions provider. As part of the rebid process, HP needed to show both innovation and world class reporting and analytical abilities and selected MooD software to provide this class leading capability. Such has been the success of the implementation, that it continues to grow with the demands of the business and its ability to show clear and concise information is being constantly refined.

Designing the solution

MooD International worked closely with the HP account team over a number of months to ensure availability of the required data and also that the final output matched the requirements of the client. The team were often embedded and worked on site, engaged in detailed requirements capture, often ahead of the main work stream of the account, due to the nature of the data required. The multinational HP team and MooD selected the data and outputs that would provide most value and give the clearest picture of not only what is currently occurring, but also providing trending and historical information to enhance future decision making. This information is represented at a Global, Regional and Segment level and follows an ITIL structure. The focus for the project was around Service Level delivery (including critical service levels) and provides a looking glass into a complex and constantly changing world. Data needed to be gathered from numerous data sources with latencies from 20 minutes to every 30 days. This required negotiation across HP and BP and finally led to a joined up system not previously capable in this environment.

The solution

The deployment of an HP/BP Executive Dashboard, powered by the MooD based HP

ESS IA Platform, enables the HP BP Account Team to drive a joined up and streamlined approach to its delivery and on-going transformation of the BP IT environment. The development of an underpinning Business Architecture with embedded management dashboards provides a common understanding between BP and the HP Account Team of service performance management and improvement.

Headline Value Statements

  1. Delivers a ‘Fusion of Data’ across the HP/BP Reporting – A single lens for the Performance Management of the contract, significantly reducing the manual effort associated with reporting.
  2. Supports a single and shared reporting & governance view for the BP and HP – manages the client expectation from outset through the life of the contract.
  3. Roll up of information by Service, Geography and Function – HP & BP leadership Team can identify potential issues early & focus their management interventions.
  4. The visualisations look professional, aid analysis and are impactful – HP exudes professionalism in its client communications.
  5. Supports the gathering of data from multiple sources within the outsourced contract – providing a mechanism to create a ‘Single view of the truth’ for the client and HP.

The solution includes the following main areas:

  1. Service Design including availability, capacity and IT service continuity management. There are currently plans to expand out the capability of the capacity management functionality.
  2. Service Operations including problem, incident, IT operations and request management.
  3. Service Transition including change and knowledge management, release and deployment and service asset and configuration management.
  4. Segment Overview.
  5. SLA Summary.
  6. Incidents – in addition to service operations, a direct feed is provided to the Remedy ticketing service, providing a near real time view of high priority incidents.
  7. Projects.
  8. HSSE.
  9. Commercial.
  10. Audit and Compliance.

The aim is to have a single instance of the data across all these strands, partially to ensure that when it changes once, it changes everywhere, but secondly to enhance input and import efficiency to the minimum possible, eradicating the need for armies of data inputters.

The Delivered Solution

The delivered solution is a resounding success with the HP team and, showing both innovation and a commitment to high standards on their part. The output from the tool will shortly be shown on large plasma screens in the main office as a means of communicating the current position to a wider audience and ensuring joined up information sharing.

HP are in the process of commissioning a second phase to expand out the Capacity Management module of the tool and now the foundations are in place, there is still more value to be gained in the deployment of this solution. Increased granularity on an international basis is entirely within the capability of the tool and we expect to take advantage of this in the future

The current position has been summarised by the Chief Technologist on the account:

“The Executive Dashboard, from Mood, is another internet based tool that is now available across our client’s enterprise which displays all of the service levels, KPI’s and ratings, with the supporting data in an intuitive interface. The various managers across our client’s business functions can easily access this dashboard at any time – we’re committed to being open and transparent with the data that we handle, showing the client all of the information that underpins their services at a time that is convenient to them.”

Jonathan Simpson – Chief Technologist, HewlettPackard.



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