MooD Enterprise

MooD connects people, it connects the Enterprise

Conformant with international open standards, the advanced MooD technology is the digital backbone of any complex Enterprise or System & becomes :

  • the digital twin of how the business operates and how all the parts cooperate to deliver better outcomes.
  • the single operating model, a common language and single reference around which people from across the enterprise can work together. It simplifies, clarifies and unifies so risk is better managed.
  • the connection to all other relevant systems and data into a coherent working model, making decision making more balanced and transparent.

From the first digitisation of the Royal  Navy’s Fleet support system, the communications battlespace architecture for the RAF, unravelling GDPR in Page group, the core architecture system for Jaguar LandRover, to the Mission Essential Task Information System for New Zealand’s Defence Force, all configured on the MooD platform, the technology has proved its power and adaptability. MooD is advanced technology that is breaking traditional cost and time barriers.

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MooD’s AIR INFORM system is already showing its potential by illustrating the potential consequences where difficult capability choices are being considered against tight financial pressures. You remain at the forefront of being innovative and expert at visualisation and further the scope for employing MooD to help us unlock some of the complex issues around data exploitation endures
John WarinerDeputy CIO, RAF 

Land Rover Jaguar
allan webb

What is MooD Enterprise?

Architecture Design

  • ArchiMate, MoDAF, TOGAF, GENESIS and more!
  • Customizable Themes, Relationships and Elements
  • Digital Twin Capability
  • Data Synchronisation with Excel, Visio, Direct to Database and other modelling tools

MooD Enterprise crucially offers a Framework Agnostic approach to architecture design. As well as embedded, out-of-the-box frameworks such as ArchiMate or TOGAF, our customers and users have complete flexibility to adopt their own approach to modelling, using bespoke business language and meta models – GENESIS.

This flexible approach enables an incredible opportunity to scale architectural or design discipline across any business, as language and structure can be tailored to the business problem or stakeholder group in question. Alongside this, all frameworks can be extended which allows the user to add concepts not covered, whilst enabling the ability to grow and change with the need of the business.

Once an architecture has been defined, the user can seed the model with data using MooD Synchronisation Activation Technology (SAT). MooD SAT allows a user to import content from a wide range of sources easily, in order to either populate an architecture with elements, relationships and attributes or instrument the model to provide an “always on Digital Twin” capability

Architecture Analysis

  • Easy to use, non-technical Query Engine
  • Sophisticated aggregation and ‘Smart Columns’
  • Visualise and publish the insight created.

MooD Enterprise’s difference lies in the analytical capability required to gain insight from architectural content. This, combined with the ability to create stunning digital experiences for stakeholders around the business that encourage wide-spread participation in the architecture & design processes, bring that insight to life.

Starting from an easy to use query engine which doesn’t require coding or scripting knowledge, the user can interrogate the model to answer a multitude of business questions, such as the need to assure and evidence rigour in design. To aid decision making, these queries can then be used to power matrices, aggregation calculations or several charts to provide insight to the end customer.

Expose and Share your Architecture

  • Create Architect communities
  • Engage Business Users
  • Publish and consume via the web using MooD Active Enterprise (MAE)
  • Export data to other systems via MooD Synchronisation Activation Technology (SAT)

MooD Enterprise is designed to get the most out of your architecture by supporting evidenced decision making by both architects and non-architects. MooD can be consumed via a web browser using our Active Enterprise technology, so that a wide range of stakeholders can view and interact with content.

The views which you expose can be tailored for a particular user or persona group whether you use a pre-defined blueprint or build your own architecture. Within these views you can use action buttons, matrices and charts to do anything from evidencing rigour at a programme gate, to enabling write access to populate your architecture.

MooD Active Enterprise provides a web enabled front end without the need for users to engage with the entire architecture or learn the full software package.

If there is a need to export your model to other corporate tools, Excel, Word or PowerPoint then this is also possible using the Synchronisation Activation Technology.

Collaborate around your Architecture

  • Transactional SQL Database
  • Multi Tenancy in Business Architect
  • Permissions Model

Role based access control, and highly secure permissions model. Multiple users engage around a single architecture drive commentary and feedback around key concepts. MooD Enterprise enables collaboration between teams of Architects in order to maximise re-use and teamwork. Within a single MooD enterprise repository, it is possible to construct many models, either standalone or with relationships between them.

Governance can be enabled by a proven, user defined permissions model at a group, user or field level. These permissions ensure peace of mind within the repository, ensuring read or write access can be as open or restrictive as the need arises. This is particularly useful if there is a need for a programme to work in the same repository on a number of projects in order to maintain consistency and control.

Build Business Applications

  • Incorporate workflow and master your data to enable ‘deployed architecture’ business Solutions
  • Highly flexible design capability that fits seamlessly with corporate identity.
  • Leverage a catalogue of repeatable, high value solutions
  • Rapid Proof of Concept (PoC) solutions

MooD Enterprise has an extremely varied presentation layer consisting of action buttons, matrices, relatedness charts and visualisations. This presentation layer combined with the ability to tailor an architecture to a business need and enable instrumentation from multiple data sources, makes the software very adept at creating architecturally driven applications.

The flexible nature of the software allows the user to quickly share insights with business users in their own language and makes MooD Enterprise an extremely capable tool for building business applications. These applications can vary in size, from proof of concepts as part of a design phase, to enterprise class solutions with 1000’s of users.

MooD International are very experienced in the design of a multitude of different solutions from application rationalisation to digital boardroom packs and are able to help with articulating the benefit and ROI as needed. Please get in touch if you would like to see a demonstration of our catalogue of solutions to aid your thinking

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Hosting & Deployment Options

  • Locally hosted instance
  • Corporately hosted via Citrix or App-V
  • Software as a Service hosted by MooD International

From a locally installed instance utilising SQL express, to a corporately hosted environment containing the full MooD Active Enterprise visualisation layer; MooD Enterprise is extremely versatile and able to scale from single user instances to on-premise or SAAS enterprise implementations with many thousands of users and business models.

Technical Specifications

Case Studies


SouthWest Airlines

Smarter Decisions

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