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TechMarketView: MooD accelerating cause-and-effect analytics

During a catch-up with MooD International, visual data analytics was on the agenda. This is a strategic technology because of its ability to make analytic insight more accessible and there is plenty of activity.

MooD takes this further, stressing the link between visual analytics and domain (business) expertise, to enable causal modelling (a direct link between cause and effect). The objective is to connect action to business outcomes by adding business insight and process alignment to data analytics.

Basically, the value of analytic output can be improved by blending top-down (domain/business knowledge) and bottom-up (data analytical) discovery to inform decision making, so business leaders gain greater insight into the business value delivered, and can optimise for best business outcomes. For example, cyber security operations deal with large data volumes that can be analysed/visualised. But the real value comes from understanding why cyber-attacks work the way they do, so as to enable a defensive cyber-event chain process to be initiated to control the attack.

Causal relationships is a sophisticated use case for business outcome-led decision environments but the approach is attracting attention. Last year the MoD's DSTL funded MooD to explore applications suitable for the MoD (cyber situational awareness for example), which could be a significant development for both. Adding to the momentum, MooD has just been awarded a second round of funding from the BIS sponsored Technology Strategy Board that will enable it to accelerate its plans for greater automation of causal modelling via integration with big data analytic tools. Limited automation is one of MooD's challenges, so this is a strategic development in terms of enabling scale, driving more activity through partners such as HP and Serco, and enabling the practical use of big data analytics.

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