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MooD granted further patent for its distinctive technology

The newly granted patent covers the handling of alternate business structures and options, a central aspect of MooD's "optioneering" innovation.

Variant structures occur in many situations in business:

  • Variant future outcomes may be projected, depending on a decision around investment priority or business change.
  • Business process variants may be needed to accommodate regulatory or infrastructure arrangements within different regions.
  • Team configuration variants may be needed according to the scale or severity of an activity or incident.

What these and many other such situations have in common is that the specific cases are known to be variations, alternates or options, and need to be understood and managed as such.

Whenever a business is looking to improve its performance through transformational change or re-prioritisation, the concept of variants comes centre-stage: What are our options and how do they differ in impact? Do we really need to support multiple approaches? Which policy applies under which circumstances?

Being aware of, and being able to handle, such questions clearly provides a critical capability to business decision makers, especially where the method - in the words of the patent’s abstract - "allows these variants to be dealt with in an organised and more efficient manner than is conventionally possible."

The granting of this patent confirms the uniqueness and innovation of MooD's technology and establishes the distinctiveness of the company's approach to driving improvements in business performance.