MooD International Ltd - Smarter Decisions

MooD® solutions are business-driven and model based.  Configured from a common platform, they deliver clearer business insight and better outcomes

MooD has evolved from being the world leader in enterprise architecture software to an innovator and provider of complex, enterprise-level solutions, elevating its position above typical BI and Analytics dashboards through its business-driven focus on achievement of outcomes.

In a world where mass technology increasingly seems to drive complexity, there is a need for organisations to take greater control of the way in which IT is deployed to deliver promised value to the business. International market analyst Gartner assesses that between 70% and 80% of the $14bn spent on BI projects every year fails to deliver against objectives. This gives MooD a clear focus on giving companies a much stronger grasp of what actually drives business outcomes and how to gain insight and control across the bewildering mass of data, business intelligence and analytics available. It's not bigger data we need; it's Smarter Decisions®.

Angela Eager, of the leading market analyst TechMarketView, comments that "MooD is a strategic technology because of its ability to make analytic insight more accessible."

A MooD solution is distinctive in that it captures understanding of the 'moving parts' of the enterprise. These are the complex dependencies that dictate how the company performs and hence reveal what really drives the business. This dynamic view of the business blends human judgement with hard data to create a common language: a live model of the business environment, through which clearer understanding of performance is achieved.