MooD International Ltd - Smarter Decisions

MooD® is the world-leading architecture based software for tackling complexity, managing change and delivering through-life performance

“MooD International differentiates itself well from most other vendors whose focus usually lies either in modelling or analytics.”

Ovum Butler

The MooD platform is an integrated software environment with which MooD International, its partners and customers rapidly configure and deploy enterprise-scale solutions to address business problems specific to an industry, organization or programme.

A MooD solution improves transparency and collaboration around business performance, supporting investment-level decision making by delivering insights that visualise the way operations drive business outcomes. A MooD solution helps decision makers to see how to make the 'ropes touch the ground'.

At the heart of a MooD solution is an Enterprise Business Model: a Business Operating Model expressed in terms of the moving parts and connections by which the business operates and delivers its outcomes. Capturing, manipulating and delivering visual insights to business stakeholders - this is what differentiates MooD.

What can I do with it?

The Business Model connects target outcomes through to specific decision points. This means that it can support an informed 'trade and balance' approach to decision making, grounded in a deep understanding of what really drives what in the business. Decision processes progress from world-class visualisation of current performance, through analysis of future options and implications, into monitoring of consequences against projections.

What about all my MI, data and analytics?

A MooD solution is configured to take the results from data management, search and analytics systems, and to situate these within the Business Model. That context gives business meaning to analytics outputs, providing users of MooD solutions with greater confidence around available interventions and likely future consequences.

So how does it work?

The deep configurability of the MooD platform means that a deployed solution closely meets business needs for visualisation, navigation and functionality. The components, relationships and causalities in the Business Model connect automatically with live current enterprise data sources to align the solution with real, current events and performance. And the agility of the approach means that the model can evolve rapidly in line with the changing environment, ensuring that the solution continues to power critical decision making, even in the most demanding of situations.